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These are natural raccoon fur trims that are made from the best quality  super soft and thick fur from the whole skin. You can use the raccoon fur TRIM for hood, collar, scarf or for other fur accessory.

The Fur Collar trim will give you jacket or coat totally different style and new gorgeous look.

There are 3 types of attaching available 

1. NO LINING - This type of the trims will have 2 fabric stripes at the sides that you can use for sewing the trim into your hood. You need this style if you need to replace the old fur on your hood or you wish to sew the fur directly to your hood.

How to attach the trim without lining

2. WITH LINING AND LOOPS - You need this style if you want to attach the hood using the buttons. So the trim will have lining with the loops and all you need rest - just attach the buttons to the right places.

3. WITH LINING AND SNAP BUTTONS - This kind of lining available only by order from my Chinese partners. Please contact me and I will explain which exact measurements I need to made it by order 

Care instructions

The fur could be shipped from different locations, please read in the listing description.

More details about shipping is here 

Raccoon Fur Trims for Hoods (SKIN)

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